Frequently Asked Questions

How can I copy the MySQL database from the server to my local machine?

Run the following commands in a local shell/terminal:

# Connect to the CC+ server, replacing
# CC_SERVER_IP with the IP address of your
# ChildCount+ server
ssh mvp@CC_SERVER_IP

# Dump CC+ database to a file called "childcount_dump.sql"
# in the mvp home directory
mysqldump -u childcount -pchildcount childcount > ~/childcount_dump.sql

# Quit SSH connection to server

# Now you are on your local machine.
# Copy the SQL file from the server to your
# local machine.
scp mvp@CC_SERVER_IP:~/childcount_dump.sql ~/childcount_dump.sql

# Load the file into your development database
mysql -u childcount -pchildcount childcount < ~/childcount_dump.sql

That’s it!

How can I update the translations for my language?

Each app is translated independently, but for ChildCount+ to work, all apps should be translated. The ChildCount+ apps are listed in apps.

Here is how you update the translations from an Ubuntu machine:

# Make sure you have poedit installed
sudo apt-get install poedit

# Change to the directory of the app that you want to
# translate. For example, if ChildCount+ is installed in
# ~/sms, here is how you translate apps/childcount:
cd ~/sms/apps/childcount

# Make sure that you're on the development branch
git checkout ccdev

# Make sure that the locale directory exists
mkdir locale

# Update message file with new untranslated strings.
# Replace "fr" with the two-letter code for your
# language. makemessages -l fr -e html,json,py

# Edit the .po file for your language. Replace "fr"
# with the two-letter code for your language.
poedit locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/django.po

# After saving the .po file, compile the translations. compilemessages

# Add the files to git and commit them.
git add locale
git commit -m "New translations"

# Push new files to the repository
git push