History / Credits



This history is probably incorrect. It is based on one ChildCount+ team member’s fuzzy recollection of conversations with other team members.

ChildCount+ v1 came out some time in 2009. Matt Berg along with David Gelvin, Dickson Ukanga, and Renaud Gaudin deployed the software at the Millennium Villages Project Sauri site. The v1 software was a sort of Twitter clone for community health workers – they could message each other and send broadcast messages as well. There were some features for recording patient health data as well.

This same team started to develop ChildCount+ v2 in 2010. This second version of ChildCount+ (the current version as of June 2011), developed the health data collection features and added report generation functionality as well.

MVP deployed the v2 software at Sauri in early 2010 and at other MVP sites in mid-2010. Sauri’s community health workers were able to interface with the ChildCount+ system from the v1 deployment onwards. Community health workers at most other MVP sites still (as of June 2011) interact with ChildCount+ via paper forms.


Current and Past Code Contributors (culled from git logs and in alphabetical order):

  • Aboubacar Diarra
  • Alex Dorey
  • Alou Dolo
  • David Gelvin
  • Delphia Polle
  • Dickson Ukanga
  • Elaine Stampfer
  • Henry Corrigan-Gibbs
  • Ibrahima Fadiga
  • Matt Berg
  • Moses Katembu
  • Renaud Gaudin

Please let us know if you are mising from this list! For a more complete list of people involved with ChildCount+ development and deployment, please see the ChildCount+ Team page.

This documentation was created by Henry Corrigan-Gibbs in 2011 with the goal of letting others benefit from the hard work of the many ChildCount+ contributors.