Installation Instructions

ChildCount+ is not easy to install, so make sure you have a patient Linux-savy software developer or server administration on hand before you get started.

Millennium Villages Project has an internal wiki where we keep the latest documentation on how to deploy ChildCount+. Here are the key pages:

There are lots of steps involved in setting up and maintaining a ChildCount+ server. If (by some miracle) you are able to get ChildCount+ running, you can take a look at the various server configuration files used at the Ruhiira, Uganda installation here:

The best way to get help with the installation is to contact one of the ChildCount+ developers directly. Since the team is always in flux, check the ChildCount+ Web site to find out how to contact us.

Running the Software

Once everything is installed, you can use the following commands to start your ChildCount+ instance:

sudo service rabbitmq-server start
sudo service celeryd start
sudo service celery-beat start
sudo service rapidsms start
sudo service rapidsms-webserver start

You then should then open a browser and navigate to:


The normal Django administration pages are at: